Rapidly decommission legacy systems with our discrete data archiving solution.

Mary Alex - ChartCapture Team Member

"We'll help you stay focused on what you do best."

“We get it. You’re trying to make the right decision because your EMR conversion is very important, and it needs to go smoothly.  Good news, we’re here to handle every meticulous detail so you can rest easy knowing that we’ll get the job done and we’ll get it done the right way. Leave it with us, and go focus on what you do best and we’ll do what we do best.”

Bill Heuer  |  ChartCapture Team Member

Have all of your legacy patient history at your fingertips when you go-live.

Don’t miss a beat. When you’re switching EMRs, there’s no time for downtime, and the last thing you want to do is slow down your workflow.

Rest easy knowing that you’ve put experts in charge of extracting all of your legacy patient information and that you’ll have a convenient way to access it when you need it.

Project timing and management is key. You want someone that has been there and done that. ChartCapture has over a decade of experience managing EMR conversions.

MPI Clean-Up

Switching EMRs is often complicated by multiple patient identifiers in disparate systems.

MPI Clean-Up delivers a complete and accurate patient record with one unique identifier, eliminating the need to manage multiple patient identities across the continuum of care.

One Patient. One Record.

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EMR Conversion Trajectory

Peace of mind is often associated with a clear view of the future. After discussing your EMR conversion plans, your personal team of experts provide a detailed, personalized project plan that will reduce the stress and anxiety associated with EMR conversions.

A Solution For Any EMR Conversion

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An innovative approach for extracting and regaining control of clinical information when legacy database access is not available.

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A document scanning solution specifically designed to digitize paper medical records.

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A complete solution for archiving legacy billing data from the legacy EMR.

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